How To Change An Air Filter For Air Conditioner

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The work of an air filter is to remove solid particles such as pollen, dirt’s and other air pollutants. These can affect your health, and may also damage the air conditioner thus require expensive repair or even replacement. It is therefore proper to have a well functioning air filter in your air conditioner. In case the air filter does not function properly, then you could change it so as to maintain your cooling system. This is one of the most inexpensive and quickest way through which you can keep the air conditioner working well. It is therefore good to know how to change an air filter for air conditioner.

Changing Your Filter, Step By Step Guide

The following are some of the simple steps to follow when replacing the air filter.You will need to locate the air conditioner’s filter. Usually located in the furnace and filter compartment, which is normally covered with a sliding strip of metal.Determining the size of the filter that’s needs changing. The size of the filter is usually written on the side, usually in the form 12×14.Once you have determined the size then, you can purchase the filter. Filters are available in various varieties, and the price will vary with the variety you choose. Best variety will be the one that will suit your situation. If you live in dustier and warmer climate consider the high efficiency filters, this is because they not only capture dust bust  can also trap tiny particles of pollen, dust and other air pollutants.The next thing is to put the date on it, by use of a permanent marker. Usually, there is a specific place on the filter where you can put the date.Now you can remove the old air filter, this will involve lifting up the filter’s metal covering, be careful as there could be screws or something else holding the covering in position. It will be possible now to remove the old filter, and mark the airflow direction shown on the old filter, draw the arrows on the metal guard so as not to have problems when inserting the new filter. The old filter can now be disposed of.This step involves replacing or changing the filter which involves putting a new air filter. On the new filter check for an arrow, which will show the correct airflow direction. You can then Insert the new filter in position.The last step involves putting everything else back in place. This will be by putting back the metal door covering the filter. You will now have successfully changed the air conditioner filter.